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Women’s Viewpoint Festival

Del 07 al 21 de marzo de 2014
Women’s Viewpoint Festival

The Women’s Viewpoint Festival is an initiative of Women in the Visual Arts, a non-profit-making, inter-professional association comprising 400 professionals in the visual arts sector in Spain.

The principal aim of the Festival, founded in 2012 by the artist Mareta Espinosa, is to disseminate and promote the role of women in all professional areas of the visual arts, from creative activity to curating, art criticism, research and management.

The Festival is thus inviting museums, galleries, art centres and universities to participate with displays and activities by women artists during the month of March with the aim of bringing together the largest number of exhibitions focused on and around women and of occupying a prominent position in this month’s exhibition schedule on a national scale.

The Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga is taking part in the 3rd edition of the Women’s Viewpoint Festival, taking place across Spain in March. This year, Andalusia will be an important location for the Festival with 53 participants including museums, art centres, galleries and universities. Scheduled activities:

7 and 19 March
Other cultures
Visit + informal discussion with coffee for Social Centres and Associations (Adults)

How do the traditions that identify us arise? How many different religions are there in the city where we live? What does Senegal’s national language, wolof, sound like?

In the society that we live in, which is culturally mixed and characterised by migration, we look at how different cultures and races, religions, aesthetic manifestations, languages and social customs co-exist. Through a series of works in the Collection we will analyse the influence and mixture of the different cultures which participate in the social space of our cities.
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13 March
The Reading (Aline Masson)
Raimundo de Madrazo
Lecture series: Muses, Models and Lovers in the Carmen Thyssen Collection
Lourdes Moreno. Artistic Director Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga

Aline Masson’s gentle beauty and expressive face caught the attention of Raimundo de Madrazo, who made her his favourite model in his paintings, which were extremely popular with the public. Masson was the daughter of the gatekeeper to the Marquis of Casa Riera, whose Paris residence Madrazo regularly visited.
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18 and 21 March
Beauty and the Beast?
Interactive visit for Secundary School. Social Centres and Associations

What are the most frequent roles assigned to men and women in everyday visual representations? How are the men and women we see on the tv presented? What are the images of ourselves that we publish on social networks like?

Using a selection of works from the Permanent Collection as well as comparison with examples from contemporary life, we will observe and reflect on how different individuals are represented in relation to their gender.

As in the interactive visit, we will be reflecting on gender through visual examples inside and outside the Museum.

The visit to the galleries will be followed by a creative visual workshop in which participants will analyse an audio-visual advertising message then proceed to make new versions of it from a critical perspective.

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