Other services

  • Wifi

    Free wifi is available for all visitors to the museum, facilitating the scanning of the QR codes that are situated next to artworks with additional information about the objects on display.
  • Audio guide

    During the itinerary through the Permanent Collection, the visitor will have access to the full information and the audio of all those works marked with the symbol of the audioguide, by simply scanning the QR code on the labels next to the paintings.

    The information is available in Spanish and in English.​

  • Cloakroom

    Visitors can use the Museum cloakroom free of charge. All items must be retrieved from the cloakroom on the same day.

  • Virtual tours

    The Museum offers its visitors the possibility of virtual access to the works in the Permanent Collection.

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  • App

    The Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga has joined the Appside project in order to develop an accessible App. Thanks to the collaboration of the Fundación Orange and GVAM, a selection of works from the Permanent Collection are available for IOS and Android mobiles. The App includes resources for people with hearing and visual disabilities.

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  • Accessibility

    The Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga aims to ensure that its spaces, the works on display and the educational activities are accessible to all visitors. Based on preliminary discussion with our visitors, we have developed various activities in response to the specific requirements of participants with visual, hearing or intellectual impairment. In addition, we organise ongoing activities with different associations in order to strengthen the relationship between the individuals involved and the Museum, thus encouraging mutual enrichment.