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  • Gustave Doré, a traveller around Andalusia

    (Imagen: Gustave Doré, The cathedral and port of Málaga, 1865. Colección UC de Arte Gráfico)

    The famous painter and illustrator Gustave Doré and the Hispanist Jean-Charles Davillier, both keen enthusiasts of Spain and things Spanish, toured th...

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  • Anglada-Camarasa. Arabesque and seduction

    The exhibition Anglada-Camarasa. Arabesque and seduction, curated by Silvia Pizarro and Lourdes Moreno, will focus on the depiction of women and the female form in the work of Anglada-Camarasa (Barcelona, 1871 – Port de Pollença, 1959) through a carefully selected group of works, mos...

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  • Darío de Regoyos. The Impressionist Adventure

    Darío de Regoyos was acquainted at first hand with some of the new art movements of the late 19th century, allowing him to contribute his innovative approach to the stagnated Spanish art scene of the day. Entitled Darío de Regoyos. The Impressionist Adventure, this exhibition curren...

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