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  • Casas-Rusiñol. Two modernist visions

    Bourgeois, Bohemians, successful painters in Spain and Europe and foremost practitioners of Catalan modernism, Ramón Casas (1866–1932) and Santiago Rusiñol (1861–1931) are two of the great Spanish artists of the late 1800s who revitalised the painting scene of their day ...

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  • Gustave Doré, a traveller around Andalusia

    (Imagen: Gustave Doré, The cathedral and port of Málaga, 1865. Colección UC de Arte Gráfico)

    The famous painter and illustrator Gustave Doré and the Hispanist Jean-Charles Davillier, both keen enthusiasts of Spain and things Spanish, toured th...

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  • Piranesi. A Visionary’s Prints

    The more than a thousand prints produced by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Venice, 1720−Rome, 1778) are the work of a passionate architect with a painter’s eye who only expressed his creativity in etched plates. A universal master of printmaking, Piranesi earned a reputation as the best ...

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