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El 24 de noviembre de 2016
Encounters for teachers
  • Days and times:

    Thursday, 24 November 2016, 6 to 8pm

  • Information and enrolment:

    952 217 511

  • Price:

    Free activity prior booking

  • Participants:

    Aimed at: teachers of Kindergarten, Primary, ESO, Middle Grade Professional Training and Baccalaureate levels. Maximum 20 people per encounter, 2 teachers per educational centre.

The aim of the Museum’s Education Department is to offer working tools and educational resources so that teachers wishing to visit the Museum independently with their students can organise the visit beforehand, adapting it to their respective classroom projects and to the specific needs of their groups.
In addition, all educators interested in reflecting in a collective manner on alternative pedagogical methods for the classroom and museum are welcome to participate in the different activities and encounters organised by EducaLab (see Co-laboratories section).