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White Night. Little Red Riding Hood 2.0

10 de mayo de 2014
White Night. Little Red Riding Hood 2.0
  • Duración:

    20 minutes

  • Date and time:

    10 May 2014 Times 10pm – 10.30pm – 11pm

  • Price:

    Free entry until all places filled

This sound performance has been made by the participants in the radiophonic workshop that took place in November 2013. Taking place in the Museum’s auditorium, it will aim to transform a formal-passive space used for academic lectures into a creative-performative one with the potential for story-telling and imagination. As a result, the aesthetic of poetry characteristic of literature will extend beyond the exhibition space and locate itself in key parts of the Museum.

For White Night 2014, In the Air, a young people’s collective of the MCTM, will be offering a free, entirely sound-based and spontaneous version of Perrault’s original fairy tale of 1697.

This new version adds elements derived from contemporary life to the story’s traditional structure. Presented from a humorous perspective, they emphasise issues suitable for a contemporary critique.

Everyday life in which reality tv, consumerism, hyper-communication and generalised isolation seem to dictate our habits over time.

This new version of Perrault’s fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood 2.0”, aims to present participants with a series of questions in order to locate them in a critical position with regard to the reality that we construct and which constructs us on a daily basis.