Catalogue "The Fury of Colour. Francisco Iturrino (1864-1924)"

Authors: Lourdes Moreno y Miriam Alzuri

Publishing: Fundación Palacio de Villalón

ISBN: 978-84-946730-5-4

Spanish and English

24.5 x 22 cm

204 pages; 108 illustrations (colour)

Binding: Paperback

Price: 29.5 €

Catalogue of the exhibition The Fury of Colour. Francisco Iturrino (1864-1924) curated by Lourdes Moreno and Miriam Alzuri.

With this exhibition the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga wishes to pay tribute to Francisco Iturrino (Santander, 1864‒Cagnes-sur-Mer, 1924), one of the leading artists represented in our permanent collection, and to help settle a historical debt: the unfair silencing of a pioneer in Spanish avant-garde art of the first quarter of the twentieth century.