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Dressed to seduce in the Carmen Thyssen Collection

Del 19 de febrero al 14 de mayo de 2015
Dressed to seduce in the Carmen Thyssen Collection
  • Date and time:

    From 19 February to 14 May 2015 Time: 6pm

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    Free entry until all seats filled

Fashion is a cultural product that responds to the lifestyle and mentality of the period in question. The poet Mallarmé defined fashion as “the goddess of appearances”, emphasising the idea that we become aware of things at first glance, from the outside and through their visual aspect.

Zurbarán represents an idealised type of fashion, transforming his female saints into queens. Throughout the 19th century, clothing was designed to socially define women as future wives and mothers. However, in the early years of the 20th century female fashion reflected a new attitude with regard to women’s role in society.

Thursday 19 February
St Marina. Francisco de Zurbarán

Thursday 12 March
Maja with a Small Dog. Eugenio Lucas Velázquez

Thursday 9 April
Model Making Mischief. Raimundo de Madrazo

Thursday 14 May
The Fortune-telling. Julio Romero de Torres

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