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Andalusian clichés?

Del 01 al 28 de febrero de 2014
Andalusian clichés?
  • Date and time:

    February 2014

Many of the clichés regarding Andalusia and by extension, Spain, arose in the 19th century from the Romantic-era vision of European travellers who found the popular local customs, food, religion, dress, and in general southern Spanish lifestyle exotic.

These customs and traditions were depicted by Spanish and foreign painters, giving rise to a pictorial style that even in its own time set out to present a clichéd version of reality. This activity aims to ask the following question:

To what extent and how have 19th-century clichés survived into the 21st century?

Find images that justify your idea, traditional or innovative, of the famous “Typical Spanish” and send them to us via the social networks or e-mail so that we can create a joint image board on Pinterest that we will be sharing to mark Andalusia Day.

Sending images
Twitter: share them with the hashtag #TypicalSpanish, mentioning @thyssenmalaga

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