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Reto Regoyos

Del 12 al 29 de agosto de 2014
Reto Regoyos
  • Date and time:

    12 to 28 August 2014

Darío de Regoyos’s career is perhaps not as well known as that of other painters of this period. Nonetheless, his approach to the world around him and his unquenchable desire to discover new places indicate his intellectually open personality and his desire to broaden his horizons. The exhibition Darío de Regoyos. The Impressionist Adventure offers visitors the chance to discover this artist and learn about his contribution to the cultural life of the day. 

This activity encourages participants to look more closely at Regoyos’s artistic approach and learn some of the key facts of his life.

What do we know about Darío de Regoyos? By taking part in our weekly challenge on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday you will receive a free ticket for two people to the temporary exhibition Darío de Regoyos. The Impressionist Adventure, until 13 October 2014.


How to take part
Answer the questions in the challenge with a comment on the photograph. Each question could have several correct answers. 

How to collect invitations
After the closing date for participation, the Museum will contact participants who have correctly answered the questions regarding the most convenient way to collect the invitations. Limit per entrant of one ticket for two people.