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Regoyos y puntos...

Del 19 de junio al 27 de julio de 2014
Regoyos y puntos...
  • Date and time:

    19 June to 27 July 2014

  • Participants:

    Visitors to the Museum

With the new temporary exhibition Darío de Regoyos. The Impressionist Adventure the Museum is creating another “wallsANDnetworks” participative wall.

“Regoyos and dots” is a participative activity in which visitors to the Museum can reinterpret the artist’s painting Almond Trees in flower using the Pointillist technique.

Visitors can also experiment with the elements in the interpretative table that illustrate key aspects of Impressionism relating to its use of colour and light and its optical perception of reality.

Interested in taking part?

How to take part
Use the painting tools to add colour to the canvas entirely through dots and reinvent Regoyos’s painting Almond Trees in flower in a collective manner.

Entrance Hall of the Museum Carmen Thyssen Málaga