Friends of the Museum

Looking at a painting

Del 12 al 27 de abril de 2016
Looking at a painting
  • Duración:

    50 minutes

  • Date and time:

    21 June (Tuesday) at 7.30 pm

    14 April (Tuesday) at 7.30 pm

    27 April (Wednesday) at 7.30 pm

    20 April (Wednesday) at 7.30 pm


  • Participants:

    Friends of the Museum Maximum 20 Friends per group

Friends of the Museum can take part in an activity exclusively devised for them in the form of a gallery talk. A tour around the Permanent Collection will introduce different ideas on how to interpret a painting, ranging from the subject matter to the composition, light and use of colour. These talks will allow participants to acquire the resources necessary for a better understanding and enjoyment of art.

Meeting point:
Column Courtyard of the Museum.
Participants must show a valid Friends Card

Please confirm attendance on: or on tel: 952 21 46 82

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