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What we all share

Del 12 de febrero al 01 de marzo de 2015
What we all share
  • Date and time:

    12 February to 1 March 2015

  • Participants:

    Visitors to the Museum and users of the social networks

Ramón Casás and Santiago Rusiñol were close friends and as artists shared a particular way of seeing the world. They created their own highly distinctive visual language which evolved developed over time through their travels together, their experiences of bohemian life and their numerous artistic projects and ideas.

What is the unique thing that you share or have shared with another person?

What enables you to have a special relationship with them, a private world that others would find hard to understand?

What is it that nourishes your relationship?

Recount your experiences with regard to another person on this message board or share it on Twitter with the hashtag #loquecompartimos

How to take part:
Write your experience on a card and attach it to the wallsAndnetworks message board

Or share your experience via Twitter using the hashtag #loquecompartimos

Entrance Hall of the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga