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The thousand and one faces of the gentleman

Del 29 de octubre al 19 de noviembre de 2014
The thousand and one faces of the gentleman
  • Date and time:

    From 29 October to 20 November 2014

  • Participants:

    Visitors to the museum

Modern artists showed a new appreciation of El Greco to the extent that his work became a source of inspiration to them.

Special attention was paid to him by Santiago Rusiñol, who not only made copies of the emblematic portrait of A Gentleman with His Hand on His Chest, but also had his portrait painted in the manner of the gentleman by his friend Ramon Pichot.

In order to take part in the tribute to El Greco, we propose that you, like Rusiñol, create a portrait of yourself in the manner of the gentleman.

Visitors who take part in this activity can obtain an extra invitation to visit the temporary exhibition Casas-Rusiñol. Two Modernist Visions (from 14 November 2014 to 1 March 2015).

Espacio murosYredes. Museum Hall

How to take part:
1. Position yourself in front of the computer screen.
2. Type “cara de caballero”.
3. Take the photo by pressing the button.
4. Check how your portrait looks on the television screen.
5. Hand in your participation sheet at the ticket office and request an extra invitation for the exhibition Casas-Rusiñol. Two Modernist Visions.

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