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The Collection "closeup" (#decerca)

Del 12 de enero al 31 de diciembre de 2015
The Collection "closeup"  (#decerca)
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    From 12 January 2015

One of the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga’s principal aims is the promotion and dissemination of its Permanent Collection, using innovative technology in order to bring knowledge and information of the collection to all sectors of society.

This activity uses small details of works in order to reveal the visual secrets of the Museum’s Permanent Collection, as well as elements often unnoticed at first sight. In order to do so, we have produced a selection of thematically grouped images which we will be presenting every month on Twitter, only identified by the links to their corresponding descriptions on our website. It is thus the Twitter user who decides whether to learn more about the works and their artists.

This initiative aims to promote the Museum’s Permanent Collection among the public at large, generating content in a simple and very visual format. Each thematic block will be grouped together at the end of the month to create a album on Facebook, offering a way of sharing the result of this activity with our followers on the social networks and contributing to user loyalty in a dialogue-based manner that encourages participation. Due to its visual characteristics, we intend #closeup to become a space where we connect with our followers in a non-invasive way, allowing them to get to know the Collection via a different route.