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  • Sorolla. New York Sketches

    The Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga is showing a rare set of gouaches and drawings made by Joaquín Sorolla in New York. These fascinating urban views and night scenes from the Museo Sorolla will allow visitors to discover a little-known side of the Valencian artist.


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  • El Greco-Rusiñol

    This small tribute the Museo Carmen Thyssen is paying to El Greco is linked to Rusiñol. It features one of the paintings that were acquired by Rusiñol, Saint Peter in Tears, along with a copy by Zuloaga, a faithful devotee of the Cretan. Another work by Rusiñol copies what wa...

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  • Reflections of Pop

    Reflections of Pop surveys the reception of the international pop movement in Spain during the 1960s and 1970s through four of the individual artists and teams whose work illustrates the influence of this trend most clearly and continuously: Luis Gordillo, Eduardo Arroyo, Equipo Crónica an...

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