Artists' posters

From Toulouse-Lautrec to Jeff Koons

(03 October 2015 - 21 February 2016)

Aidez l’Espagne

1937 Pochoir, 30 x 23 cm © Successió Miró 2015
Croquis femenino. La «Yachtwoman»

Free South Africa

1985 Offset, 124 x 121,5 cm © Keith Haring Foundation
La dama de la sombrilla

Post no bills

Contemporary artists’ conquest of creative freedom in a conflict-ridden historical context spurred the development, among other types, of an art associated with a certain ideological and political commitment as opposed to concerned solely with aesthetic and formal aspects. This communicative dimension often had critical, vindicatory or subversive components linked to the major events of the twentieth century, such as the two world wars, the Spanish Civil War, May ’68, apartheid and other global social causes like environmentalism or the achievement of freedoms.

This section illustrates how all these themes were handled in poster art, with works by Malévich, Miró, Picasso, Calder and Haring, among others.