Summer Days
From Sorolla to Hopper

28 March - 6 September 2015
Laureà Barrau

Sea Trip

c. 1920 Oil on canvas, 100 x 73.5 cm Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
Sea Trip
Adolfo Guiard

Las Arenas Bathing House

1906 Oil on canvas, 112 x 128 cm Real Club Marítimo del Abra–Real Sporting Club, Las Arenas (Getxo)
Las Arenas Bathing House


As well as a healthy environment, following the adoption of water sports – particularly rowing or sailing boat races – the sea became a means of leisure. The emergence of yachting and swimming clubs brought together enthusiasts of these practices and gave rise to competitions that provided spectators with another opportunity for socialising during their summer holidays.

For modern artists, the sea’s rich expressive and sensory qualities played an outstanding role in their approach to these new subjects.