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Julio Romero de Torres: flamenco dream

What follows is a flamenco tribute to the painter Julio Romero de Torres, the artist who once declared that if he had had to chose whether to be "the great figure of Leonardo da Vinci – for whom I feel such admiration that I consider him the leading painter of all times – or Juan Breva, I would not have hesitated. I would have been Juan Breva, in other words, the finest flamenco singer of all times." This programme is thus a celebration of the artist’s profound love of flamenco, which he translated onto his canvases on numerous occasions. For the King of malagueñas whom he worshipped, for his muse Pastora Imperio, and for so many others who posed for this great artist, including la Trini and her daughter, the dancer Anita Delgado, la Niña de los Peines and the endless roll-call of women who acquired the curves of a guitar through the dance of his brush. From along the routes of abandolaos that crossed neighbouring provinces such as Cordoba and Malaga comes this banquet of flamenco in honour of the magic of his work.

Interactive lecture
Tuesday 4 June
Lost textile arts: the shawl and mantilla in flamenco Lorena Codes, moderator, with the participation of a craft embroiderer, a designer and a model

Thursday 6 June
A symbol of every copla, cante jondo in Julio Romero de Torres Mercedes Valverde
Director, Museos Municipales de Córdoba

Thursday 13 June
The Café-concerts known to Julio Romero de Torres Eusebio Rioja
Flamenco expert

Thursday 20 June
The singing group and flamenco Pablo García Baena
Poet. Premio Príncipe de Asturias de las Letras
Informal discussion and performance in the gallery
Tuesday 11 June
Flamenco in the works of Julio Romero de Torres Francis Mármol
Carmelo de Carmen (performer)

Tuesday 18 June
Flamenco in the works of Julio Romero de Torres Francis Mármol
Paco Aragón (performer)

Film and colloquium
Saturday 8 June
Snow White
Director: Pablo Berger
2012. 104 mins.
A free interpretation in the Gothic spirit of the popular fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, set in Spain in the 1920s. Snow White is Carmen, a beautiful young woman with an unhappy childhood caused by her fearful step-mother Encarna. Escaping from her past, Carmen undertakes an eventful journey accompanied by her new friends, a troop of Dwarf Bullfighters.
Moderator: Lorena Codes
Participants: Pablo Berger and Juan Antonio Vigar (Director, Festival de Málaga. Cine Español)

Flamenco fiestas. Muses and idols in Julio Romero de Torres
Saturday 15 June
Under the sign of Pastora Imperio La Lupi (Dancer)

Saturday 22 June
A tribute to La Argentinita’s modernity. In Experimentos
Rocío Molina (Dancer)
Premio Nacional de Danza

Saturday 29 June
In Juan Breva’s memory
Gitanillo de Vélez (Singer)
Luli Santiago (Guitar)

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Interactive lecture
Venue: Courtyard of the Palacio de Villalón
Time: 7.30pm
Aimed at: the general public
Free entry until all seats filled

Venue: Auditorium
Time: 8pm
Aimed at: the general public
Free entry until all seats filled

Informal discussion and music in the gallery
Venue: Exhibition galleries
Length: 60 mins
Time: 7pm
Aimed at: the general public
Price: 4 Euros
Tickets on sale beforehand at the Museum’s ticket desk
Meeting point: Courtyard of the Palacio de Villalón
Film and colloquium
Venue: Auditorium
Time: 7pm
Aimed at: the general public
Invitations to be collected from the day before at the Museum’s Information Desk
Up to two invitations per person

Flamenco fiestas
Venue: Courtyard of the Palacio de Villalón
Length: 90 mins
Time: 10pm
Aimed at: the general public
Advance ticket sales from:
-The Museum’s ticket desk
Information on ticket prices: tel. 952 217 511
Includes free entry to the temporary exhibition Julio Romero de Torres. Between Myth and Tradition, from 9.15pm onwards
A glass of Málaga Virgen will be served